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Meraki Artists is a group dedicated to collaboratively working to produce excellent artworks and to exhibit them.


All of the artists have a background in conventional photography but over the last five to ten years each has progressively moved their work too much more creative techniques which enables them to address their preferred "ideas-based" approach to the art in a far more nuanced and adaptable manner.  Their work is characterised by images that have been imagined and then specifically made to express all or part of a theme or narrative. The artists have all found this a highly motivating and rewarding art form.


Whilst each of the artists has individual styles and visual vocabularies, the group's images very much generally represent a photography-based practice rather than photography as it is more widely recognised in the community. The artists utilise a range of creative techniques both photography-based and at times other digital processes.  Group members have diverse and distinctive approaches to their themes which invite commentary and reflection on personal and social issues. Friendship and the recognition of these similarities prompted the formation of the group.


"Meraki" is a Greek word that means "to do something with soul, creativity or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work".  This is the approach of the artists and the result they endeavour to produce in their works.  It gives each of them a challenging personal benchmark by which to assess the quality and success of their art.


The artists are friends from various parts of Sydney. They have all been active in several photographic clubs and groups across the city and this is how they met one another.  Within these forums, they have worked in mentored project groups with other talented photographic artists in which each member produced a portfolio of work for internal and external exhibitions.


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