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Christina Brunton

Christina is an artist with a background in oil painting who took up photography to capture images as a reference for her paintings. It was only when Christina learnt to do digital artistry where everything fell into place perfectly and she was able to merge her two passions of painting and photography. 

Creating art is a way of life that sings to her and she hopes it touches the viewer’s emotional strings, in their heart and soul.  Christina’s art has been published regularly in a variety of international magazines and won distinctions in international competitions.

Debra Phillis

The work of Debra has a strong investigative basis. Recurrent themes include social relationships, inner life, and perceptual representations of the everyday. 

Debra continues to develop an art practise through regular portfolio development and group work with other artists. Recent group exhibitions Head On Festival 2019 and 2018.

Don McKinnon

Don first became interested in art in his 20s when he lived in New York and travelled in Europe.  He took photographs for many years but it wasn't until after retirement that he pursued photography more extensively.  From very early in that period he experimented with alternative forms of art and now Don's work spans a range of creative styles and techniques to communicate his themes.  

Ilona Abou-Zolof

Ilona sees the beauty around her through photography.

Ilona thinks of herself as an image-maker rather than an image taker and a digital artist. She uses digital tools to convert her photos into digital artworks and paintings. It is amazing what we can produce in the digital age and how much fun it is.  Ilona’s art has been published regularly in a variety of international magazines and won distinctions in international competitions.

Tony Naumovski

Tony’s interest in photography spans over many years.  Tony expresses his emotion and viewpoint on a particular subject matter through creative art.  He sees his camera as a creative tool which gives him a number of techniques to capture interesting patterns and shapes, textures, abstract and surreal imagery.

Yvonne Raulston

Yvonne found her passion to be artistically creative when she studied colour and design at ISCD Sydney almost 20 years ago. It wasn’t until her 40’s when she purchased her first DSLR camera and noticed that photography helped to heal her soul after a period of loss a few years earlier. Now she spends practically every waking moment thinking about the sort of images she wants to create. Her true passion lies in artistic and fine art photography where she enjoys story making through her poetic creations to portray a mood and visual emotion of her thoughts and experiences.

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